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Greetings! Glad to see you on my site!

I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and am a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

Yoga has definitely changed my life in better way and I love my profession, because I can help other people to become healthier, happier, find peace and harmony.

Absolutely everyone can do yoga, a person of any age and physical form can choose a suitable practice for himself.

You can practice 1-2 times a week just to improve your well-being, or you can eventually turn into a serious practice to improve on the spiritual path.

Welcome to the world of light and harmony!

See you on the mat !!!

Amelchenko Roman.             


For beginners

….and for absolutely beginners!

Active practice

for advanced students

Healthy spine

if you have problems with your back

For those who over 60 years

….  over 50, over 70…. 


restorative and relaxing practice

I have been doing yoga for a long time, then there was an injury, so the classes had to be suspended for several years. The body needed to be revived. Roma very carefully and delicately, with accurate knowledge of both theory and practice, helped me to love yoga even more and "revive the memory of the body." I have no doubt that studying with Roma will bring you balance and flexibility.
My husband and I did yoga with Roman, first in the "Sphere" club, then individually in the "Sport Palace" club. We enjoyed our classes a lot. Roman always corrected all the poses with great attention and gave recommendations, listened to the wishes. Classes flew by in one breath. He was our first yoga teacher and immediately fell in love with her. I do it myself with pleasure and recommend it to everyone, at any level of training.
I have been practicing yoga for almost a year. I can say that my body, my mood has definitely improved. If I do not practice for several days, I feel a lack of practice. Roman is the teacher I recommend to everyone, try it yourself to believe it. Long live yoga!

“The most difficult thing is to spread the mat…”


And if you want to make your life healthier, calmer, more energetic, more conscious, then you need to do it now, because “tomorrow”, as usual, always remains in the future …

+39 339 456 35 38

+39 339 456 35 38

“Yoga is the calming of the vibrations of consciousness.” Yoga Sutras, Sutra 1.2.