I have been doing yoga for a long time, then there was an injury, so the classes had to be suspended for several years. The body needed to be revived. Roma very carefully and delicately, with accurate knowledge of both theory and practice, helped me to love yoga even more and "revive the memory of the body." I have no doubt that studying with Roma will bring you balance and flexibility.


Saint-Petersburg, Russia

My husband and I did yoga with Roman, first in the "Sphere" club, then individually in the "Sport Palace" club. We enjoyed our classes a lot. Roman always corrected all the poses with great attention and gave recommendations, listened to the wishes. Classes flew by in one breath. He was our first yoga teacher and immediately fell in love with her. I do it myself with pleasure and recommend it to everyone, at any level of training.

Polina and Yuri

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I have been practicing yoga for almost a year. I can say that my body, my mood has definitely improved. If I do not practice for several days, I feel a lack of practice. Roman is the teacher I recommend to everyone, try it yourself to believe it.
Long live yoga!

Maria Teresa

Sarzana, Italy

Our family romance with yoga began with meeting Roman. Softly and naturally, without edification and study, we began to do "THIS" with the whole family, first in the studio, and then online. We sincerely thank life for an amazing and pleasant meeting with such a magical Roman, which teaches us not only to perform asanas, but to love and hear our body with every breath-in and every breath-out. With love, the Zasseev family (Ruslan, Taya and Nina).

Ruslan, Taya, Nina

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Thank you for all your immense help these past few weeks. I made many discoveries about my body that I never had before. You are a gifted teacher, and all your students are lucky to have you. Please tell me what studio you work  in St. Petersburg so I can come see you !  
Again thank you for being the best yoga teacher I ever had.  
You are better than you think. Believe in yourself you'll go very far.


Miami, USA

“Due to the fact that the content of the mind is contradictory and heterogeneous in nature, everyone sees the same object in his own way, in accordance with his own way of thinking.” Yoga Sutras, Sutra 4.15.